Home Pools and Spas is an exclusive dealer of Poolife and Baquacil chemicals for your pool and Brilliance and Baquaspa for your spa.  Poolife is the chlorine line for your pool and offers a variety of cleaning options such as Brite stix with slow dissolve technology that can last up to 2 weeks, multipurpose tabs with algaecide and clarifier, 3’ cleaning tabs and more.  We can help you with the system that is right for you so you no longer have to focus on cleaning your pool and instead enjoy it. Baquacil is the non-chlorine chemical line.  Baquacil is easier on your skin and eyes and less harsh on liners and swimsuits.  Baquacil will keep your pool clean and clear while causing less irritation. Baquaspa is the same chemical concentrated specifically for your spa with the same benefits of Baquacil. Brilliance is our bromine based cleaning system for your spa.  The Brilliance line also offers a variety of cleaners such as granules and tablets. We can help you decide what is the best for you!

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Thank you Nathan, Jason & everyone else at Home Pools and Spas for helping to make my dream of owning an inground pool a reality! My husband and I are more than happy with our beautiful pool and your customer service! You will definitely be recommended to everyone we know! My kiddos are in 7th Heaven! Thanks again,
-Bobby & Andrea Simily